Mikhail Turetsky


To what extent personal life affects creativity and creativity affects personal life is difficult to answer, but no one would dare deny this relationship. A striking example of the statement are writers who use elements of autobiography in their novels, and musicians who have found life companions during rehearsals or performances. The latter include Mikhail Turetsky.

“I’m an unplanned child. My mother gave birth to me at forty, my father was almost fifty. Everyone in one voice discouraged my mother, because she had a heart condition, but she did it her way. My friends advised my parents to call me Yura, because I was born on Cosmonautics Day, the twelfth of April, a year after Gagarin’s flight. “Yur-r-r-ra? – Dad said, slightly gracelessly. – That’s a tr-r-r- hard-to-pronounce name. Let it be Misha.” My brother and I are Turkish because my mother explained to my father: there are Epstein’s, and there are no Turkish left – we must keep our last name. Make sure that the heppy puppy did not overeat: food should be eaten “italis”. And my father easily agreed with this, “- said Mikhail Turetsky in an interview with the magazine “Collection. Caravan of Stories” magazine (December 2011).


On April 12, 1962, Mikhail Borisovich Turetsky, the future conductor and musical producer, was born in Moscow. His parents, or rather his father Epstein Boris Borisovich, did not want to have a second child at first. But the musician’s mother Bella Semenovna Turetskaya, despite her husband’s iron arguments about hard times and her advanced age, still decided to conceive and give birth to a child, registering him under her last name.

Mikhail’s father was a silkscreen shop foreman at a factory near Moscow, and his mother worked as a kindergarten teacher. Despite the small salaries, Mikhail’s parents, noticing their son’s penchant for music and his obvious talents, managed to save up enough money to buy another apartment in a communal apartment and to buy an old shabby piano. In this room Misha took music lessons given to him by a visiting tutor. But after a while, the music teacher refused to work with Michael, saying that the boy has absolutely no musical ear.