Tarkan: The famous Turkish singer. Biography

First big success One day a music academy student went to visit his brother in Germany. There he accidentally met Mehmet Soyutoulu, who worked in a famous Turkish recording studio. Hearing Tarkan sing, his new acquaintance was impressed with his vocal abilities and offered his help in promotion. Mehmet assured the future singer that he […]

Mikhail Turetsky

Biography To what extent personal life affects creativity and creativity affects personal life is difficult to answer, but no one would dare deny this relationship. A striking example of the statement are writers who use elements of autobiography in their novels, and musicians who have found life companions during rehearsals or performances. The latter include […]

Sezen Aksu

The artist made her debut in the 1970s. While still living in Izmir, she sent three of her songs to a recording studio. In 1970 the aspiring singer participated in the Golden Voice contest organized by Weekend magazine, where she took 6th place. At the age of 20 she moved to Istanbul, where she recorded […]

Turkish oriental music

Additional information: belly dance From makams of royal ships in the melody of royal harems , the type of dance music found that differed from OYUN Havasi of fazil music. In the Ottoman Empire the harem was that part of the house reserved for the women of that family. It was a place where non-family […]